Matters with Matt: Wolfenstien New Order

    Ok, so where to begin with this masterpiece of a game. (haha) Well a bit of background info; I am an avid fan of all of the Wolfenstien series. I can remember playing the Castle Wolfenstien and Wolfenstien 3D on my fathers computer and killing Nazis and having a blast. I can also […]


Deckin’ Around – Tips for getting started

Hello again, everyone! Will a.k.a. “Captain Shenanigans” here! Sorry for such a long wait for this month’s article, but I promise it’s worth it!   Last month, I explained how I came to play the Yu-gi-oh! Trading Card Game. This month, I’d like to help new players with little to no experience get into the […]


Introducing Stephene and the New Fitness Column

Greetings everyone! I just got picked up by the lovely crew of Lost Quarters to be your new health and fitness guide! I understand that many of you may have desk jobs where you work with computers or games or some other kind of technology. However, even though you are giving your brains a workout […]