Introducing Stephene and the New Fitness Column

by on January 13, 2015

Greetings everyone! I just got picked up by the lovely crew of Lost Quarters to be your new health and fitness guide! I understand that many of you may have desk jobs where you work with computers or games or some other kind of technology.

However, even though you are giving your brains a workout on a daily basis, you probably aren’t getting enough exercise in the process. It’s hard when we have jobs that take over our lives, especially desk jobs where we are stuck sitting all day long. But know this, it is EQUALLY if not more, important to work our bodies out physically and improve its health as it is to work out our minds.

That being said, I am here to help you! I will provide articles with tips on health and fitness, easy nutrition, convenient exercises, and the scoop on fitness trends and the latest fitness technology. I hope that my articles will help the “interested” have a better direction, the “slightly” interested” more interested (and the “uninterested”, well, you probably need this the most!).

But enough about what I will do, here is a little about me: I am 25 years old and have been an athlete basically my whole life. That led to me being interested in the human body, its anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics and biology of how that works.

As I was getting my education (Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University), I realized how important it is to take care of our bodies so that we can tell them what to do and be successful at it. It wasn’t just about athletics and sports performance anymore, it was about the general population, the everyday person who has aches and pains that they want gone, bad posture that is causing them health issues, and poor body image due to seeing the effects of lack of activity. I decided I wanted to help those people take care of themselves and feel better about themselves in the process.

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel better about themselves?? Who wouldn’t want to feel better out in public, in pictures, at the beach (or even naked?!). That’s who I want to help.

So after receiving my degree, I became ACSM certified as a Health and Fitness Specialist, and went on to become a personal trainer.

Being a personal trainer has limited me to helping only the clients I have gained, but now that I have the opportunity to share some info with you and other readers, I am excited to be able to help many more people through these articles! As these articles progress, feel free to email lost quarters asking questions or specific health and fitness subjects that you would like to hear about. You never know, you might just see an answer pop up here on the website!

Best of luck in this new year to you and your new fitness endeavors! You WILL be successful if you just keep it up!


I’m looking forward to our future together through Lost Quarters!