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by on October 17, 2014

13 Sins is listed as a horror/thriller film and stars Mark Webber, Rutina Wesley, Ron Perlman, Devon Graye, and Pruitt Taylor Vince.  The story is about Elliot Brindle, played by Mark Webber, who is struggling to provide for his family as He is the care taker for his brother, father, and his fiancé who is pregnant.

When Brindle loses his job and is behind in payments for all of his bills with no way out, he receives a strange phone call offering payment for the completion of each of 13 challenges.

Each challenge must be completed or all of the money will be taken back.  He is not allowed to talk about the challenges or he will lose.  He decides to give it a try anyways.  The first few challenges seem manageable but things take a turn for the worse…


The film caught my eye when I saw it included Ron Perlman and Rutina Wesley.  I like both of them as actors and have enjoyed their work.  I also recognize Mark Webber from one of my favorite films, Drive Me Crazy, as he played Dave Ednasi.  The synopsis on Netflix had it listed as a thriller and the summary sounded intriguing but I ended up disappointed.  One of my first thoughts was, how is this listed as a thriller?  It was more graphic and gross than a typical thriller.  I later saw IMDB has the movie under both a thriller and horror.

While watching the movie I felt sympathy for Elliot as he was constantly struggling and everything was against him.  I tried to imagine what I would have done if I were placed in the same or similar situation to Elliot.  He is pushed beyond his limits and essentially changes for the worse.



Vogler is one of the characters who is trying to expose the people behind this game.  He tells a police detective that the point of the game is that anyone can be turned into a monster.  He also says that a few people on this planet decide everything, the 1%, and that they are the functional equivalent of gods.

Overall, I did not enjoy the movie and do not recommend watching this.  It is difficult for me to list many positives about this film.  This film had potential and could have been better.

1) I believe they should have toned down the gore.


2) I would have liked more background information on the game and they should have revealed who was behind the whole game system.


3) Finally, I wanted an explanation of how they had cameras everywhere, seemed to be everywhere, and all knowing.


Rating: 1/5 Stars


The film had potential


Too much gore
Not enough background on the story
Protagonist are too 'all knowing' to be believable

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Bottom Line

I did not enjoy the movie and do not recommend watching this