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Dear Santa: The Review!

by on December 19, 2013

This is a story about a rich girl whose parents are ceasing her allowance and she is forced to find a job or a husband to support her.  While out shopping one day she finds a letter to Santa from a little girl who wishes for a mother for Christmas.  She tracks the father and daughter down and grows to love them, starring  Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Patrick Creery, and Gina Holden.


I really enjoyed watching this film.  This film had glamour, fashion, comedy, drama, and heart.  The Christmas decorations were beautiful and so were the main character’s clothes and fashion sense.  I liked who they casted to play all the roles.  My favorite character was the chef Pete, who guides the main character through her struggles.  I liked his flair and attitude about everything.

From the movie I took away two favorite quotes:  the main character says “Everything old always becomes new again,” when she refers to clothes.  And a homeless Dear Santaman says “Every time you make a decision you take a gamble.  That’s what life is.  Sometimes you can even gamble your life away…”, “not all decisions turn out to be bad ones”.

Some of the best parts of the movie include when the main character uses her fashion sense and big heart to take care of the homeless while she works at the soup kitchen.  My other favorite parts are the interactions between the main character and the woman the father is currently dating.  The tension and drama lead to a food fight between the two women and the witty comebacks add to the humor and fun of the film.

There are a few problems with the movie.  This is supposed to be a Christmas movie.  The music in the film was not Christmas music at all and did not match the story.  The premise of the story is a over the top having someone find a letter to Santa and then tracking down a family to fulfill that wish.  It is also difficult to believe how the main character’s secret is revealed, she just happened to carry the letter with her in her evening clutch purse to the father’s Christmas party.  As far as we can tell in the story, she was never going to reveal the secret while at that party.

I also wish the ending had a bit more detail.  The film closes with the father saying he loves the main character and they are all at the soup kitchen eating a Christmas meal together.  I guess I just wanted to see everyone opening presents or giving hints to a wedding in the future or something more.

This is still a movie I would watch again but not one that I have to add to my Christmas collection.

Rating 4/5 Stars

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Although I would watch this again, I don't have to add to my Christmas collection.