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Everyday Jane Review: 21 and Over

by on August 7, 2014

Starring Skylar Astin, Miles Teller, Justin Chon, and Sarah Wright, this story is about three guys who have been friends since childhood who reunite to celebrate the 21st birthday for one of them.  Jeff Chang, played by Justin Chon, is the last one of the crew to turn 21.  Miller, played by Miles Teller and Casey, played by Skylar Astin take Jeff Chang out for a night of drinking and partying with the knowledge that he has to be up early the next morning for a job interview.  And thus the shenanigans begin.


I chose this film because it has Skylar Astin in it and I enjoyed seeing him in Pitch Perfect.  I initially had high hopes for this film but was disappointed as I found that several of the characters were annoying.  For example, Miller is an immature man child that needs a good dose of reality, and most of what he said and did had me grinding my teeth.  Thankfully the character does seem to evolve a little in the end.

Another Crappy movie? Another set of cute pictures to offset the suck. -ed

Another Crappy movie? Another set of cute pictures to offset the suck. -ed

Although the character Casey is funny, smart, responsible, and endearing it was not enough to save the rest of this film.  The dialogue gave me a head ache from the stupidity as most of the dialogue was poorly written and very unrealistic.  It was evident that the dialogue was written by men because they had female characters saying and acting in ways that men would normally behave.

The story was too far-fetched as there are too many unbelievable gross parts in the film.  They may have been meant for humor but it just wasn’t funny.  Sometimes stupid humor can work, but this was overboard.  This was a boring cliché and reminds me of a bad version of The Hangover.  That being said, the underlying story about Jeff Chang is depressing and does have a decent message behind it.

The music was not very appealing in this film but the majority of it fit with the scenes.  I did like that they included the song Young Blood by The Naked And Famous as I am a fan of their music.

Although the film does have a happy ending, issues get resolved, and it does have a good message to it I do not recommend watching it.  This movie could have been better.

Rating: 2/5 Stars




Casey is funny, smart, responsible, and endearing


Stupid dialogue that was poorly written.
Overboard on stupid humor
Scenarios that are too far fetched

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This movie could have been so much better