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by on July 17, 2014

This film is listed as a horror/mystery/thriller.  It stars Stephen Moyer, Caitlin Stasey, Radha Mitchell, Torrey DeVitto, and Harry Lennix.  The story is about a crime scene involving multiple murders.  The police detectives are busy trying to piece together what took place with video footage from each witness at the scene, but most of the video is corrupted from the fires caused by the killer…


I chose this film because I thought it would be a lot like CSI the TV show which happens to be a favorite of mine, not to mention that  I recognized and like most of the cast members.

The opening scene of the film and the basic story were very similar to CSI.  The emphasis, however, was more on the horror aspect than the mystery part, so I was disappointed.  The film also reminded me of The Blair Witch Project because of how unstable and jumpy the scenes were during the witness footage.  It was physically uncomfortable to watch at times.

This movie obviously blew, so I'm posting cute kitty pictures instead. -ed

This movie obviously blew, so I’m posting cute kitty pictures instead. -ed

There were many scenes that made me jump from the element of surprise and because of the loud noises. But, as we’ve pointed out before in our podcast Film Nights, startling the viewer is not the same as scaring the viewer or building tension in a scene. Ultimately such scares cheapen the overall horror aspect of the film.

Much like CSI, this film also used Hollywood’s trope of made up technology to figure out who the killer was by manipulating the screen shots from the cameras.  That being said, the film has an unexpected twist that I was shocked to find out.

Shocked like a kitten with a hat!?! -ed

This cute kitty was unimpressed by the movie as well! -ed

Overall, the only two positives about the film were the cast and I liked that this movie was like putting together a puzzle.  The movie, however, was more graphic and gross than what I wanted and expected.

The worst part though? The killers had no real motive; they were just psychopaths. It’s sad because I thought this film had potential, but completely wasted it by going in the wrong direction.


I do not recommend this film.

Rating 1/5 Stars


Unexpected twist


Jumpy camera work
Starts, not scares
Too much 'boo' not enough CSI

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Bottom Line

I do not recommend this film.