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Girl vs. Monster : The Review!

by on March 20, 2014

This is a Disney Channel Original movie that stars Olivia Holt, Kerris Dorsey, Brendan Meyer, and Adam Chambers.  The story takes place on Halloween and is about a girl named Skylar, played by Olivia Holt, whose parents have a family secret.  Skylar and her friends Sadie (Kerris Dorsey) and Henry (Brendan Meyer) discover that her parents are monster hunters when the monsters are accidentally released from their containment cells within Skylar’s basement.


I chose this film out of curiosity to see how the newer Disney Channel Original movies compared to the older classics like Halloweentown and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.  The story had a basic foundation but was made more unique in how they explained the details.  For example:  each human has their own personal monster that feeds on their fear.  The tagline of the movie is:  who is your monster?

I liked the characters.  I only recognized Jennifer Aspen, who plays Skylar’s mother from an episode of CSI and Brian Palermo, who plays Skylar’s father was also on My Life in Ruins.  Adam Chambers who played Cobb was hilarious and believable as a lab assistant/monster hunter in training.  He provided comic relief during the film and was my favorite character.  Tracy Dawson who plays the strongest monster, Deimata, not only made the character fierce but also did it with a brilliant flair.

I am a big fan of Halloween so the movie already receives bonus points for that but I also like the props and set design in the film.  The costumes were also very appealing and bold.  Everything in film had a beautiful color scheme with bold and bright colors which were visually pleasing.  I especially liked the Steam Punk armor and weapons the monster hunters had.  The majority of the story takes place in an old mansion that is neat looking and also looks familiar to me from previous films or shows.  The science lab in the basement of Skylar’s home is interesting and attention grabbing.  The CG in the movie is kind of cheesy and it is apparent that it is CG but this does not take away from the rest of the good aspects in the film.

Girls vs monster still

Hey, it’s like a pop music video during Halloween with steampunk guns! -ed


The majority of the music is sappy love songs or pop songs that are mildly cute and have a tendency to get stuck in your head.   One of the songs in the movie that the teenagers sing has the phrase in it “You had me at hello”.  Although this phrase is so over done, the song is still endearing.  It seems there was an issue with vocals in one of the songs were Deimata has possessed Myra’s body (Katherine McNamara).  Myra was singing and a masculine voice was projected.  It did not match at all.

The dialogue was enjoyable and  Cobb had the best lines.  There were also some great words of wisdom from Sadie and Henry.  When Skylar and Sadie are talking about fear  Skylar asks, “How do I stop it?”  Sadie replies, “You can’t.  You just have to live with it like everybody else on Earth.”  She later says, “I’ve been scared all my life and you know what I learned about fear?  When you run away from it, it just gets worse.”  After Henry defeats his monster he runs to Skylar and Sadie to tell them how to defeat their monsters too.  He says, “Whatever scares you, just do it.”

Although this film is not nearly as epic as some of the other Disney Channel Original movies, I would not mind adding this one to my personal collection.  This is definitely a wholesome, feel good movie.  There is a lack of wholesome, feel good Halloween movies on the market.  There seems to be an over-abundance of Halloween films that glorify gore and torture.  I like the message behind the story to face your fear.  The movie ends on a cliff hanger in the end credits and I would enjoy a sequel.

Rating 4/5 Stars

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The message behind the story? to face your fears.