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The Invitation (2003)

by on January 20, 2015

This film is listed as a drama/thriller/horror and stars Lance Henriksen, Stefanie von Pfetten, Sarah-Jane Redmond, and Christopher Shyer.  The movie is about a writer named Roland, played by Lance Henriksen, who invites all of his friends to come visit him on his private island for a big gathering.  He cooks them a big extravagant dinner and tells them they have to confess all of the lies they have created or die.  Everything goes downhill from there.




I chose this film because of the synopsis I read on Netflix as the premise seemed intriguing.  Normally I prefer to view newer films or ones that I know more about.  I only recognized three actors from the movie.  I recognized Lance Henriksen from Scream 3, which is a favorite of mine, Stefanie von Pfetten from Christmas Caper and Sarah-Jane Redmond from Chasing Christmas.  Although I am not very familiar with any of these actors, they all did well with portraying their roles in this movie.


…at least it’s a step above hippies


The film was not what I was expecting and was disappointing. There are parts of the story that don’t make sense but the story ends up filling in the gaps at the end.  Although the foundation of the plot was promising the events, climax, and story are weak. Everything about the movie feels “New Age”… but at least it’s a step above hippies.


Overall, I was not impressed with this movie and do not recommend it. Frankly, this film should not be listed as a horror film and did not have much in the thrills department.  The movie is only getting points because of the unexpected twist that the poison Roland fed his guests was not real, but loses points because of the sad ending of Roland’s death.



Decent Acting
Interesting Plot Twist


Bad Ending
Feels 'New Age'-d

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Bottom Line

Not Impressed.