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Stake Land : Everyday Jane Review

by on October 24, 2014

This film is listed as Sci-Fi/horror and stars Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris, and Sean Nelson.  The story is about Martin, played by Connor Paolo, whose parents are killed by vampires.  A vampire hunter by the name of Mister finds him, takes him under his wing, and trains him to kill vampires as the world is becoming over-run with vampires.  Martin and Mister are on a long journey to New Eden to a place that is said to be vampire free.


The movie caught my attention for several reasons. To start, I enjoy stories about vampires and when I saw the cast list I recognized a few of the actors. Also, I am a fan of Danielle Harris, she is one of my favorite actresses and I like almost everything I have seen her in.  She even sings in this movie, which is a nice little surprise.  Those few things are the most positive aspects of the film…  The rest was a disappointment.

Hmmm... doesn't look like you cleaned your ears...

Hmmm… doesn’t look like you cleaned your ears...

The vampires in this film are not sexy, intelligent, sparkly, or cuddly just so it’s said, and no, I am not taking away points for this reason. They are true monsters in this film which is not the current norm but it is more than acceptable.

The story, however, needs work.  For example, what is the point of killing off or getting rid of all of the original group members but one?  I know the story is about a vampire epidemic but they don’t even clearly explain what happens to Mister towards the end.  They allude to him leaving Martin behind with the new girl Peggy.

The ending is frustrating as well; Martin and Peggy reach New Eden in Canada and then the end credits start rolling.  The audience is not shown anything, not even conformation that they are now in a safe place, thus it leaves much to be desired.

Also: there were some scenes throughout the movie that I wish had been deleted.  Most of those scenes include Sister and the members of the Brotherhood.

Overall, I did not like the film and do not recommend watching it.  The movie had potential but lost points for how events played out.  The few points I’m giving it are mainly for the cast involved, but I am finding it difficult to provide any more positive aspects.

Rating: 2/5 Stars


Danielle Harris


Story needs work
Frustrating ending

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Bottom Line

I did not like the film and do not recommend watching it