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Straight A’s – The Review!

by on January 22, 2014

Staring Ryan Phillippe, Anna Paquin, and Luke Wilson, this comedy/drama is about a family member who comes back to his home town at the request of his deceased mother to make amends with his father and brother.  While visiting he creates chaos amongst their seemingly ordered lives.


I initially chose this film because I like all three of the starring actors and the previous work I have seen them in.  This movie was not at all what I expected or hoped for.  The music was horrible as well (bad music is sometimes a deal breaker for me).

During the beginning of the film I was briefly confused with how they chose to open the scenes.  They kept moving between shots of three adults and two children.  At first straightAs-692x1024it seemed like they were showing flash backs of the adults as children with how the shots were sequenced.

I was bored during much of the movie.  The story line is fairly dull and the basics of it have been done before.  Another issue with this film was character building as  I did not feel like I was able to connect with the characters. They felt more one dimensional and undeveloped. It is not until towards the end of the film that the audience gets to see the full picture behind the main character Scott.  That was when I started to feel more of a connection with the characters.

Overall, this looked like an art house film or an independent film.  There were several scenes where the camera was shaking and I do not believe this was intentional.  At the very end of the film there is a bright white screen (long enough that made me think that something went wrong with my equipment), then there is a picture of the main character riding into the sunset on a horse. All I could think after this was, “Whaaaa?”

Also to note: the title of the film did not fit with the main story.  Straight A’s are mentioned once in the movie but do not hold any weight.  The story begins with death and ends with death.

On the positive side of things, there were some humorous parts in the film.  It is very interesting to hear Ryan Phillippe with a deep southern accent.  I did enjoy the scene where he is having his hair cut and styled by his little niece.

Although this sad tale has a good message at the end, I do not recommend this film.

2/5 Stars

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Although this sad tale has a good message at the end, I do not recommend this film.