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The Deaths of Ian Stone: Everyday Jane Reviews

by on June 13, 2014

This horror/thriller stars Mike Vogel, Jaime Murray, Christina Cole, and Michael Feast.  The story is about Ian Stone, played by Mike Vogel, who is killed over and over again.  He doesn’t die but comes back and has a new life each time.  He is unaware of who is after him and doesn’t know their motives. 


I chose this film on whim because it was part of the “8 Films to Die For” collection from the After Dark Horrorfest and was curious.  I recognized both Mike Vogel and Jaime Murray from other productions and like their work.  I also like the accents and that it was filmed in the United Kingdom.

The story itself can be a bit confusing in the beginning as the audience was not given the full explanation of what is actually going on until about fifty minutes into the film.

Harvesters are vampiric creatures that alter reality, control minds and feed on both fear and pain of humans.  The greatest fear comes right before death which is why they continually kill Ian.  Ian, on the other hand, turns out to be a rogue Harvester with unique abilities which means he ends up being the most powerful Harvester.

I like the setting, props, and scenery in the movie and everything blended well and fit the story.  I did notice that some of the outfits for the Harvesters reminded me of outfits worn in The Matrix as the male actors were dressed in black vinyl and the female actress was in red vinyl.

The Matrix is very in vogue here... -ed

The Matrix is very in vogue here… -ed

Although the film was simplistic in nature, it was full of entertainment and was not heavy on the blood and gore which I liked.  The story had a good message about love and the power to give life.  This is not your typical horror film with over the top gore, insane amounts of torture, and a sad/grim ending, it had a great ending with a touch of heart.

Overall, I really liked the film and have added it to my personal collection.  I fully support horror films that don’t go for the lowest common denominator of gore and torture which has become the norm.

Rating 5/5 Stars


Full of entertainment
Positive message at the end


A little confusing at the begining

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This is a horror film that doesn't reach for the lowest common denominator