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The I Inside: Everyday Jane Review

by on April 25, 2014

The I Inside is a mystery/thriller that stars Ryan Phillipe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo, Robert Sean Leonard, and Peter Egan.  The film was based on the stage play “Point of Death” by Micheal Cooney.  It is about a man named Simon Cable, who wakes up in a hospital bed who is unable to recall the current date or any events from the past two years.  The doctor tells him he has amnesia and needs to work on piecing together events to help his memory.


I chose this film because I like mysteries and thrillers and liked most of the actors involved in the film.  The story was very intriguing but also confusing at times.  The doctor states in the beginning of the movie that the events of Simon’s life are pieces of a puzzle, which foreshadowed to the audience of what was to come.  The audience gets to put the pieces and events together along with Simon, but is never given a clear cut answer as to what officially happened.   Although I enjoy a good mind teaser, I prefer to know how things actually turn out instead of leaving it up to interpretation.  The movie is definitely a thriller in that Simon is completely vulnerable and can’t trust anything he sees or is own memory.

The movie flips back and forth between 2000 and 2002 and past events which makes it difficult to follow.  There is also an idea raised by Simon that he can time travel back to the past to change events that happen in 2002.

The I inside Still

Wait… do I know you?


There are some inconsistencies that add to my confusion and make the story less believable.  For example: there are two people who are present in both realities of the year 2000 and year 2002, Nurse Clayton and the other hospital patient Mr. Travitt.  Which raises the question of why can’t Simon sort out the truth through both of these people.

Another instance is the use of medical records.  Simon is trying to prove that he was in the hospital in 2000: the hospital should have been able to provide or deny that he was there.  Also, there is a minor detail in the movie that is another unrealistic event and it is when Nurse Clayton has Simon help her with a bleeding patient using ungloved hands.

Ryan Phillipe plays the part of Simon and was believable as a defenseless patient with amnesia.  He portrayed the character so well that I felt sympathy for him in his vulnerable state.  Piper Perabo plays Anna, Simon’s wife.  I have only seen her in “good girl” roles but she pulled off the devious, evil wife character flawlessly.

Overall, I did enjoy the film and recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers.  This said, the film is a bit confusing, over-dramatic at times, and unrealistic in other parts.  Also, as I stated before, my biggest frustration is that the movie ends and the audience is still left without knowing what really happened.

Rating 3/5 Stars


Outstanding work by Ryan Phillipe


The story is a bit confusing and over-dramatic at times

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Bottom Line

The biggest frustration is that the movie ends and the audience is still left without knowing what really happened.