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The Lego Movie : Everyday Jane Review

by on November 21, 2014

This film is listed as an animation/adventure/comedy.  The cast includes Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, and Liam Neeson.  The story is about Emmet, played by Chris Pratt, who is an average construction worker that makes an important discovery.  He finds the piece of resistance (trivia: The original title was “Lego: The piece of Resistance”) that is supposedly a very integral part in a prophecy that will save their world. 


I originally was hoping to catch this film in the theater but was glad when I was able to see this on HBO.  This film has an all star cast, so I naturally recognized (and liked!) most of the actors listed.  My favorite character in the film is Wyldstyle/Lucy, played by Elizabeth Banks.  She did an amazing job playing the character and giving her an interesting personality.

The story is cute, funny, and happy but has an unexpected turn towards the end.   The audience is shown that the mind behind this Lego world is a child who is playing with his father’s Lego without permission.  Some of the cute things in the movie include the TV show “Where are my pants?”, Taco Tuesday, the Cloak of Band Aid, and The Kragle (which turns out to be Krazy Glue).

The film is visually attractive and the music has a great beat that you want to sing along with.  Even the end credits are enjoyable and entertaining.  I also liked that they included the Lego characters from the other worlds like the Star Wars characters and Batman.


Overall, I do recommend this movie as a great family film.  The movie has a good ending and leaves you with a warm feeling.  I am on the fence in deciding if I need to add this to my personal collection.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Story is cute, funny, and happy

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The movie has a good ending and leaves you with a warm feeling.