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by on May 16, 2014

Upside Down is a fantasy that stars Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall, and Blu Mankuma.  The story is about two worlds that are connected together by double gravity, which causes objects to fall up and others to rise down.  The upper world is more affluent and has control over the lower world.  The lower world contains all of the poor.  Both worlds must remain separate from the other and people from opposing worlds are forbidden to mix.


Adam, played by Jim Sturgess, meets a young girl while he is outside one day exploring and ventures out too far.  Eden, played by Kirsten Dunst, meets Adam and the two form a friendship instantly.  They are young at the time and do not put much stock into the rules of no contact between different worlds.  They continue their secret meetings for years until they get caught and there is an accident.


The foundation of the story has been done before but this is a different presentation on forbidden love by using “laws of nature”.  The film makes the statement that love is stronger than gravity or class as it is obviously an allegory on classism.  The workers from the bottom world wear blue and the workers from the upper world wear a variety of different business suits.


The film is very visually appealing with the soft colors, building structures, and setting.  The color scheme of the majority of the movie looks like a story book.  There were some interesting camera tricks done to show how the double gravity affected everyday things.  It was weird to see the rain going up instead of down and seeing everything backwards was awkward at times.

Some parts of the movie and images are difficult to view because they are upside down.  However, I did enjoy seeing the characters drink upside down and dance on the ceiling.  There are a few scenes of stairwells in the film that remind me of M. C. Escher’s prints.  The best visual effect is the part where Bob, played by Timothy Spall, is trying to figure out how to make both worlds mesh through his experiment with a gold fish using water from both worlds.  He makes the water create a water globe that surrounds the gold fish.

Hey... that's unusual...

Hey… that’s unusual… -ed

I liked the characters and the actors that were chosen for each part.  I recognized Blu Mankuma, who plays Albert, from one of my favorite movies Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.  Bob was my favorite character because of his attitude towards the division of worlds and how he treated Adam.

I felt the most sympathy for Adam because he was an orphan, had an aunt he was living with who was kidnapped, and then he lost Eden.  He had to go through so much loss and had to fight hard for everything in life.

Overall, I liked the film and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fantasy film with a touch of romance.  It was very light on the sap and is worth at least one viewing.  It does have a happy ending.  I do wish that the ending had been a little more descriptive with regards to Adam and Eden.  It explains the impact they had on the progression of the worlds but did not say more about what happened between them in the end.  The audience is given one piece of information and the rest is left to the imagination.

Rating 3/5 Stars


The movie a happy ending


The ending wasn't descriptive enough

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It was very light on the sap and is worth at least one viewing.