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by on June 27, 2014

This comedy/horror/romance stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, and Rob Corddry.  The story is about R, played by Nicholas Hoult, a self aware zombie.  He is able to think and behave in ways that other zombies cannot.  He finds himself attracted to a human girl named Julie, played by Teresa Palmer.  R rescues Julie from a zombie horde and takes her back to his hideaway and with this both he and the relationship with Julie begin to evolve.


I saw the previews for this film and wanted to see this while it was in the theaters but never made it.  The story and the zombies were what appealed to me the most since this is not your typical zombie flick, but I liked it for what it was.

First, the story completely goes against the rules for zombies, but it is definitely a fresh take. It did however, remind me of Twilight because the zombies are able to become human again and because of the romance though they never start to sparkle. Instead they turn into polite zombies. (Towards the end of the film the zombies bump into each other and they start to say “excuse me”. )

The actors that were chosen for the characters were good choices as each of them did well playing their roles and making the film entertaining.  My favorite character is R, Nicholas Hoult, and I was rooting for him during the entire movie because he was so endearing and likeable.  I also liked that John Malkovich, playing Grigio – Julie’s father, was in the film.  I am a fan of his work and he always gives a great performance.  Julie’s best friend Nora, played by Analeigh Tipton, is a strong female character that deserves recognition particularly for the scene where  Grigio tries to kill R and Nora steps in the way threatening to shoot Grigio if he doesn’t back off.

Well, at least they don't look like a CW TV show... -ed

Well, at least they don’t look like a CW TV show… -ed

There were some comedic parts throughout the film that were memorable.  Near the beginning of the movie R is trying to sneak past groups of zombies to his hideaway so he tells her to “Be dead”.  Julie tries but seems to over-do it and he then says “Too much”.

Another good scene that made me chuckle is when Julie and her Nora, put make up on R to disguise him for Julie’s father.  Nora plays the song “Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison but Julie makes her switch the song.

The music and how they blended it with the scenes is another important aspect of the movie.  Some of the songs chosen were odd and not my taste but each one fit well with the scene.  At the beginning when R is telling his story and revealing how lonely he is, they play “Missing You” by John Waite, which really set the tone of the whole film. (My favorite song in the film is “Midnight City” by M83 and I have this song in my personal collection.)

Speaking of favorite parts, my favorite quote from the film is at the end when R says, “Every great thing starts out a little scary, doesn’t it?”  He is referring to the new evolution of the zombies and the humans starting to accept them.

Overall, I enjoyed the film and it has a great ending.  I do recommend it for those who like romance, supernatural, and are open to changing the rules of zombies.  I would watch this movie again.  This movie is not scary at all and has very little gore included so the film is probably placed in the category of horror only because it is about zombies.

Rating 4/5 Stars


The music fit well
Good actor choices


Slightly reminiscent of 'Twilight'

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Overall, I enjoyed the film and it has a great ending