Real Genius

The first real breakout role for Val Kilmer if you don’t count his work on ABC’s After School Special.


UHF: Film Nights Ep. 31

  Episode 31: UHF   Join Tawn, Will and Thomas as they talk about UHF and get excited when someone GETS TO DRINK FROM THE FIRE HOSE!!!! After all, we’ve got it all on UHF…   http://lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0031-UHF.mp3    


Spaceballs: Film Nights 27

  Episode 27: Spaceballs!   What happens when Mel Brooks decides that he really wants to make a parody of a movie he’s never seen before? Spaceballs happens, that’s what! Join Thomas, Tawn and Will as they review a movie that is great to quote, but horrible to watch: Spaceballs! *Post-production Note: It turns out […]