Matters with Matt: Wolfenstien New Order

by on March 15, 2015



Ok, so where to begin with this masterpiece of a game. (haha) Well a bit of background info; I am an avid fan of all of the Wolfenstien series. I can remember playing the Castle Wolfenstien and Wolfenstien 3D on my fathers computer and killing Nazis and having a blast. I can also recall playing all of the others on the Xbox. I would spend hours enthralled with these games, so naturally when I saw they were making a new Wolfenstien I had to play it. I was a bit skeptical about the game at first because I had heard mixed messages about it I still wanted to play it so bad.


Overall I absolutely loved this game, MachineGames did an astounding job developing this game; they delivered a masterpiece. The reason I loved it so much is because of how they made a retro-futuristic game about how the Nazis won WWII and took over the world, it was very interesting to see what would have happened had the Allies not won the war. The Game play was very well done, and the story line kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The only problem that I had with the storyline was the fact that you could chose two different story lines. I was expecting two completely different storylines but what they did is make the same gameplay with different characters. So when you had to play the story again for the second time it was very bland and was boring. It just seemed like a complete letdown because they could have done it a lot better than they had. Other than that it was simply amazing, I mean killing Nazis in the 1960’s, sadistic Nazi killing machines, secret Jewish orders and technology, and Nazis of the moon!!!! You can’t beat that.


I give it a 9/10 overall and I would highly recommend it to any gamer.

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