Film Nights: Attack of the Clones!

      Episode 17 : Star Wars – Attack of the Clones!   Join the Lost Quarters Crew as they delve into this horrid mess of a movie that continues our saga of a whiny Anakin Skywalker! http://www.lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0017-starwars-attackoftheclones.mp3    


Film Nights: Planes

    Episode 14: Planes! Come along with us as the Film Nights crew talks a bit about Disney’s Planes and why Thomas thinks the movie was panned by critics and fans alike!   http://www.lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0014-planes.mp3

Star Wars Episode 1

Film Nights: Ep12 Star Wars The Phantom Menace

    Join us once again as we delve into another movie and this week it’s Star Wars Episode One, The Phantom Menace!   http://www.lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0012-star-wars-phantom-menace.mp3   NOTE:¬†Will’s score below is actually Gyo