BeetleJuice : Film Nights Ep. 33

Episode 33: BeetleJuice! They’ll tell you not to trust him. They’ll tell you he’s nothing but trouble. But while they’re all acting like snotty jerks, who’s the one with the ‘Guide’ hat on? Yeah… that’s what I thought.  


Labyrinth : Film Nights ep. 29

  Episode 29 – Labyrinth Join the gang as they talk about David Bowie’s Pants in Jim Henson’s classic: Labyrinth!    


Explorers : Film Nights

  Episode 26: Explorers   What happens when you get a good tall glass of nostalgia and mix that with a movie you don’t really remember? Oh, and did I mention that it turns out that the movie was actually unfinished? Well, if you answered the 80’s ‘classic’ film Explorers, you’d be correct! Join Thomas, […]