Poltergeist : Film Nights 36

  Our decent into Halloween season continues with this week’s review of POLTERGEIST!   Episode 36: Poltergeist Surprisingly bad, this movie shows us that not everything Spielberg touches turns to gold… http://lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0036-poltergeist.mp3      


BeetleJuice : Film Nights Ep. 33

Episode 33: BeetleJuice! They’ll tell you not to trust him. They’ll tell you he’s nothing but trouble. But while they’re all acting like snotty jerks, who’s the one with the ‘Guide’ hat on? Yeah… that’s what I thought. http://lostquarters.com/podcasts/film-nights/film-nights-0033-beetlejuice.mp3  


Film Nights: A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Episode 32 – A Nightmare On Elm Street! When the dream murderer is doing his murdering, it’s up to the kids to figure out how to stop him… Because the parents are required to be complete morons for this movie to work. So join the gang as they ponder, is the movie supposed […]